Optimistic program


Our detailed program is the subject of a book titled "Optimism, source of success and happiness" (click on the link to see a summary of the book, cover and back cover).

The three passages below (click on the links hereunder) are from the first part of this book.

The second part of this book details how optimism applies in our daily lives and in every sector of society : education, politics, health, economy, environment, energy, work and corporations, psychology, to the medias.. all sectors of society benefit from a more optimistic approach.

Optimism is above all a matter of common sense. Optimists are pragmatic men and women who study seriously each question to be answered, taking the best possible decision, acting in the best possible way, avoiding dogmas, while serving their fellow neighbours and citizens the best they can.


1 - The optimistic philosophy *

2 - Definition of optimism *

3 - Optimism throughout history *


(*) French version