Optimistic quotations

"If each of us, every day, would throw a flower in his neighbor's path, then the Earth would be much a much more pleasant place. (Villefort)

"There aren't any problems. Only solutions." (André Gide)

"I have decided to be happy because it's good for my health." (Voltaire)

"Happiness is always a new idea." (Saint Just)

"Real happiness is not costly. If it is dear, then it's the wrong kind." (Chateaubriand)

"One need not be ashamed to prefer happiness." (Albert Camus)

"We are all jokers: we survive to our problems." (Emile-Michel Cioran)

"The age at which one decides to remain young is not important." (Henri Duvernois)

"Love, love; nothing else counts" (La Fontaine)

"One damages life by accepting anything instead of the best only." (Jacques Chardonne)

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." (Emerson)

"A healthy body is the best residence of the soul." (Sir Francis Bacon)

"Instead of saying that roses COME WITH THORNS, it is better to say that the THORNS COME WITH roses." (Ellen White)

"Nothing is more beautiful than the sense of mystery." (Einstein)

"Love is the most powerful force in the world." (Gandhi)

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." (Frannklin Delano Roosevelt)

"A man should have three doctors - good cheer, rest and a proper diet." (Latin Medieval proverb)

"We must help each other; that's the law of nature." (La Fontaine)

"The secret of happinnes is to be in harmony with yourself." (Fontenelle)

"Life is a long sleep, love is the dream; you will have lived if you have loved." (Alfred de Musset)

"Do not waste your life meditating on your furuncles" (André Citroën)

"Anything that follows the laws of nature is worth your consideration." (Cicero)

"Against birth and death there are no cures, except to make full use of the time in between." (Santanaya)

"Join us in happiness and song, throw off your mourning and dance." (Hafiz)

"Test everything and keep that which is good." (New Testament)

"Love one another." (Christ) (If any reader feels slighted, I am sure that Buddha and the Prophet Mahomet certainly said similar things; which we would be pleased to add to this page.)

"Do not do unto others that which you would not like them to do unto you." (Hillel)

"It is a wise man who searches eagerly for natural wealth. (Seneca)

"Be who we are, and become what we are capable of becoming; that's the goal of life." (Robert Louis Stevenson)

"More is within us." (Written on the pediment of the ancient Delphes temple in Greece).