Optimism Test


To test your O.Q. (optimism quotient), answer the following questions honestly. Choose the most appropriate answer to each question; the programme will keep score and you will find your O.Q. at the end of the test:

 1 - The things you have to do every day, like cleaning the house and washing the dishes are: 

A source of happiness, because you like everything to be clean.
The least of your concerns
A necessary chore.
You don't do these little things, you haven't time to waste on them.

2 - In the morning, you wake up:

At the break of day, leaping out of bed and ready to go.
With difficulty, and in no hurry to get out of bed.
Reluctantly, grumbling about that damned alarm clock.

3 - The boss announces that you are fired; how do you react?

It's a disaster, you are depressed.
Wonderful! Now I can go on vacation for a while and start a new jobor project.
You congratulate your boss.
You are worried, how can you tell your friends you have been fired?

4 - Your ideas about your work:

It's a chore.
There are better jobs than mine, but also worse.
I just love my job
I am obliged to work to make a living.

5 - About your health, you are:

Always in good shape, never ill.
Often tired, sick and/or depressed.
Sometimes better, sometimes worse.
Often in good shape, but sometimes I catch cold, especially in the winter.

6 - What do you think about scientific progress?

You are confident that good sense will prevail.
Science is an evil thing, we misuse it and it is out of our control.
You really don't think about it.
One day, thanks to scientific progress, all our problems will be solved.

7 - What is your object in life?

I haven't the least idea.
Avoid problems such as cancer, unemployment, terrorism, hunger.
To earn enough money to have a dream vacation, for example on a Pacific island.
To do interesting and useful things.

To be happy.

8 - What do you think about nuclear power?

It's very dangerous and it frightens me!
It's a kind of energy which produces very little CO2.
I am anti-nuclear.
I am for nuclear energy provided it is properly managed.
I don't understand it at all.
I have no opinion.

9 - What do you think of your neighbors?

It's sort of OK; we don't know them very well.
They are great, sympathetic, we get on very well with them
I can't stand them.
Sometimes we have problems with them.
We say "Hello" but no more than that, just polite relations.

10 - Overall, you find your life:

Wonderful, and full of unexpected developments.
Kind of sad.


Your score on a scale running from 0 (not very optimistic) to 100 (optimisism champion):

Your result = Points


  • over 80 points - Bravo, you are a confirmed optimist!
  • from 40 to 80 points - You are moderately optimistic, things will get better in time !
  • less than 40 points - You are beginning to be optimistic, you can certainly do better than this !

Apply our optimistic suggestions, for example : read good books, smile more, spend time with optimistic people, do good deeds for those around you, listen to good news (there are plenty!) and bring good news to others. Come back to take the Optimism Test from time to time and follow your own improvement as an optimist.

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