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Is considered as an utilization : the archival or transmission or reproduction of all or a part only of this information in any form, for example in printed form, in virtual form, on computer files, information in electronic form, or on any other support, or any other utilization of the information presented.

Before any utilization of the texts, illustrations, photos and documents, please contact us by traditional mail, phone, fax (given on the home page) or by e-mail mentionning the following precisions: your identity, physical address, e-mail, the motivation of your demand, what are the texts, photos, illustrations or documents that you wish to utilize or reproduce, when the utilization is planned and for how long, under what form (nature of the support, for example : to print in a magazine, for TV or radio broadcasts, text or photos to be distributed by e-mail, or to a mailing list or forum on the internet, or to be included on a CD, texts to be cited in a book, etc.), the type and importance of the distribution planned (one-time only or multiple utilizations, number of copies of a printed magazine, audience of a TV or radio presentation, number of readers of a newsletter, number of subscribers to a mailing list,URL and number of visitors of a web site, etc.).

In all cases, it will be necessary to cite the source, the author of the documents (which may vary depending on the documents and it is therefore necessary to contact us prior to any utilization), the original reference if the utilization concerns a book or text or written document, the name of the proprietor of the rights, the author of the photos or illustrations, and the reference to the web address of OPTIMISTS (http://www.optimi.org).

We will answer your demand shortly and authorize you, or not, to utilize or reproduce the requested information, and will give you all necessary precisions about mentions to be respected, and the specific conditions of this utilization.

For press articles (newspapers, magazines...), we can send you by e-mail photos with a better resolution than those presented on the web site. The procedure is the same : contact the OPTIMISTS : [email protected] and mention in your demand the name of the requested files (see the navigation bar of your navigation software while standing on the page concerned, and designate or click on the image or photo to see its name appear).

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